The digital oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer

Baldus® Touch is the next generation of oxygen-nitrous oxide mixers that combine timeless elegance with superior technology

Baldus Touch
Baldus Touch Erfolg
Baldus Touch Business

More high technology, more features, more security

Timeless elegance combined with superior technology, the Baldus® Touch. Everyday life has become an integral part of touchscreens. The Baldus® Touch is the next generation of digital oxygen-nitrous oxide mixers with new menu functions and system settings.

  • Touchscreen
  • Automatic patient documentation
  • Automatic rejection
  • Max. Total flow 18l / min.
  • O2 flush button
  • Self-test and error memory
  • Software and hardware watchdog
  • Thermal measurement method
Baldus Touch Lieblingsmitarbeiter

Everything you need to make more patients happy with salmon gas sedation and earn better at the same time.

Best advice and best service

Benjamin Nose
area manager 
Nitrous oxide sedation
+49 (0)261/ 96 38 926-0

Annika Mehmeti
Sales assistant
Head of the n2o Academy
+49 (0)261/ 96 38 926-13

Torsten Schultz
Sales Southern Germany-AT-CH Nitrous oxide sedation
+49 (0)171/ 54 28 909

Jessica Kaiser
Central / Northern Germany sales Nitrous oxide sedation

+49 (0)151/ 74 41 46 08

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